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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 17, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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tonight on "nightline," hunt for baby lisa. new surveillance footage in the case of a baby who went missing from her crib as the mother admits to drinking on the night her child disappeared and a desperate search intensifies. we've got the latest. all-star workout. a monster of ripped celebs swear by it. it promises to give every joe six-pack a real six-pack but are muscles like this really a workout away? and tragedy at 220 miles per hour. >> multiple cars involved. >> an airborne crash ending in a
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fireball explosion kills a top driver, a father of two young kids and stuns the indy car racing circuit. have we crossed the line from extreme to irresponsible? good evening, i'm terry moran and tonight dramatic new developments in the case of a baby girl that went missing two weeks her. her mother told police she put the child to sleep at 10:30 p.m. and it wasn't until the father returned home from work early the next morning that the infant turned up missing. but now the mother has changed her story saying that the fact that she put the baby to bed almost four hours earlier so here's abc's legal analyst dan
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abrams. >> reporter: it's been two weeks since 11-month-old baby lisa irwin vanished from her parents' home in kansas city. now new information about what the mother deborah bradley was doing the night her daughter disappeared. drinking. surveillance video shows she bought boxed wine and baby supplies hours before she vanished. a lot were asking whether you were drinking a lot that night. whether that might explain something here. >> doesn't explain anything because i had nothing to do with anything. >> were you drinking a lot that night. >> i was directing. but it has nothing to do with my daughter's disappearance. >> reporter: she says she was with a close friend on the porch for much of the evening. >> i had a friend over outside. we sit outside a lot. i had a best friend but nobody was in the house. >> reporter: no question local authorities have their suspicions which led to sometimes a contentious relationship between the family
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and police and the cops said she failed a lie detector. >> i said how did you do.ailed failed what? what question did i fail? and he said you failed the one where you know where your daughter is at and i said, that's not possible. i don't know where she's at. and i just proceeded to come unglued. it's not possible, freaking out telling him no. he pulled the chair in front of me and said i met mothers like you and proceeded to say probably something along the lines of, i need to tell the truth or -- it's hard to hear that but if it means i have to go through all this to get her back i don't care. >> reporter: both parents have endured hours of intense interrogation and bradley says police invented details including cell phone records that could implicate her. you told me what you have been told has been lies. what do you mean by that. >> during interrogation we found
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this -- they showed me burnt clothes. they showed me a doppler thing with pings from -- that my cell phones and i'm led to believe at this point that none of that was real. i hope the burnt clothes were real. >> reporter: so as time passes and you feel like you're cooperating and communicating with them, you are getting, what, fed up with the fact that they're continuing to -- >> yeah. >> reporter: focus on you. >> because i know i have absolutely nothing to do with my daughter's disappearance. >> reporter: the father arrived home after a double shift 4 a.m. his first night working so late. when you first came home you didn't realize immediately that lisa was gone. >> no. >> reporter: irwin says the lights were on, the front door was open. they did a re-enactment to see
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whether someone could have entered through the window. they still fear the possibility that one or both of them could be arrested. do you worry they might arrest debbie gentleman. >> we're kind of worried about it. we've talked about it. it's just scary for us that we're trying to keep it in perspective like it's good that they're looking at everybody even if it is us. >> reporter: in your most private moments, have you for a second ever thought maybe there was an accident? maybe something happened? >> no. >> reporter: maybe she tried to cover it up afterwards? >> no. >> that's scary. it's scary that somebody is still out there. there's a bad guy that has my baby and they're looking at me. it's scary that that's even how things happen. i mean, your children, somebody goes missing and they suspect
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the parents, it's sad that that's how the world is today. it's sad they even have to look at that. >> these two people standing behind me are two parents who are grieving every day, every minute, every second for the loss of their daughter. >> reporter: today they announce celebrity attorney joe tacopina will represent them. now two weeks after their daughter went missing, her parents say they're still confident baby lisa will be coming home. are you hopeful that lisa -- >> oh, we're going to find her. i have no doubt in my mind. we're going to find her. >> reporter: how are you so certain? >> i just know because there's still a god. i'm sorry. >> reporter: this is dan abrams for "nightline" in kansas city. >> our thanks to dan abrams. we'll keep you posted on that case. just ahead we'll shift gears, physical fitness, a workout that has won the loyalty
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a celebrity endorsement is a boon for any workout brand. nothing like a little star power to lure curious customers and the wildly popular fitness program we're going to look at tonight has fans in hollywood, but the real true believers seem to come from the rank and file of american exercisers, folks whose enthusiasm for this workout can seem to the uninitiated a little wound up. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: at 6 a.m. on a saturday in downtown l.a. --
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yay! >> reporter: -- it looks like a come to jesus revival. >> what a great way to work out. >> reporter: in spandex. think of them all as fitness missionaries doing for the first time in public what they would normally do all by themselves in their living rooms at homes. >> the ultimate 90-day home fitness ram. >> reporter: it's called p90x, now the workout of choice for hollywood a-listers including mr. and mrs. ashton kutcher as well as the more muscular members of congress. >> i appreciate it. >> reporter: p90x has made tony horton a fitness celebrity. >> p90x. >> reporter: hard-bodied motivator with a slightly goofy grin. for three easy payments of $39.95 he could change your life. a new you in 90 days. >> 60 pounds. >> 13. >> 75 pounds. >> 58. >> like an auction.
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>> i'm pretty good. >> you know what they all say. what do you always say? thank you for changing my life? i didn't do the work. they did the work. all i did -- the hammer doesn't build the house. >> reporter: the signature of the program is what p90xers refer to as their before and after. >> i'm proof of it. here's my before. and this is the after. >> reporter: real photos from real people showing results. i'm definitely the before photo, by the way. >> i don't know about that. >> reporter: even the ceo of the company has a before and after. >> the before and after photo is the visible proof. look, there's a trend of obesity in this country. i wish we could sell how good it feels to be healthy. but it doesn't move merchandise. it doesn't get people moving. the thing that gets them moving ises fact that they'll look better and they'll fit in those skinny jeans again. they'll be able to go to the pool. take their shirt off and swim without hiding. >> reporter: and they're not
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airbrushed in any way. >> never. >> reporter: photoshopped. >> never. >> pull up. >> reporter: p90x has helped make a $400 million a year business. it has other workouts. >> rev abs. brazil butt lift. slim in six. power 90. turbo jam, turbofire. p90x, ten-minute trainer. thin thighs guaranteed. >> reporter: is there really a guarantee? >> absolutely. >> reporter: they've even developed a christian-themed workout. >> come on, get lower. >> reporter: what's it called. >> body gospel. the first faith-based comprehensive program. >> reporter: push-ups for jesus. >> no, it's push-ups to honor what i got from god. ♪ >> reporter: so far p90x has the biggest cult following. did you know in life you would end up being a guru? >> no, a guru is the last thing
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i wanted to be. i wanted to be brad pit and jim carrey all wrapped in one. >> reporter: sony horton is the front man but he's not even a certified trainer. he tried to make a go at acting playing a police detective in "rebecca's secret." to earn extra money he ended up helping others at the gym. you ended up working -- >> training them. >> reporter: that led to infomercials. he was the guy in suzanne somers' thighmaster ad. >> want a new upper chest and arms. thighmaster will give you excellent results. >> reporter: now with p90x he's front and center. >> keep the nonworking one -- >> reporter: in millions of living rooms across the country. what tony is great at is taking this highly technical, you know, functional fitness and presenting it in a way that literally millions of people love and millions of people can do without getting injured.
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>> reporter: p90x has been so successful beechbody recently added a new line of shakes and nutritional supplements. cheers and they're now enlisting the faithful to go out and recruit people. that's what this weekend conference in l.a. was about, teaching pakistaners to make money signing up new pakistaners. forgive me but as somebody who hasn't done it yet and i'd like to try it, it seems a little culty. >> culty? >> reporter: yeah. >> how so? >> reporter: the people that are into it are so passionate about it and what you're talking about is sort of not just a fitness program but a life transformation. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and then having the people that have gone through it go out and sell it. it just feels a little culty. is that unfair? >> well, i think it's a perspective that is cynical. i don't like to go to a gym. i want to be by myself and do my workout. that's not culty. >> they all work out naked. every one of them. i've seen it.
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they don't know. i sneak up at night. >> reporter: you'd work out naked too if you had already achieved your after. i'm david wright for "nightline" in los angeles. >> cynical david wright there. thanks to him. up next, speed, competition, pushed to the limit. why this time was such a disastrous result. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. this is the age of knowing what needs to be done. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing,
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that a pilot died and killed ten spectators while racing his airplane at hundreds of miles an hour at the reno air races. yesterday another pilot died. he was also racing at hundreds of miles an hour, but his craft had wheels instead of wings and not until the final moments did he leave the ground. extreme speed. that's what racing is all about and at these extremes we all know, all of us, that driver, their family, the fans, there is the shadow of death. >> go low, go low, go low. >> up in turn number two, oh, multiple cars involved. >> it looks like dan wheldon may be involved in it. >> indy car is very sad to announce that dan wheldon has passed away. >> reporter: in the stunned and eerie silence at the track after the tragedy, the other drivers struggled to come to grips with the horror, with the loss of one of their own. >> one minute you're joking
11:57 pm
around before driver intros and the next, dan's gone. >> he was a friend of all of ours and he'll be missed and i just feel for his family. >> reporter: dan wheldon loved to drive. as a kid he was in go-carts. on the indy car circuit, he was a star. he won the indianapolis 500 twice and was by all accounts just one of the nicest guys in racing. >> we lost a true friend yesterday. not only a great competitor and a race car driver on the track, but a family man. >> reporter: wheldon was 33 years old, a warm and witty englishman conquering an american sport. he leaves behind his wife and two young children. today his father overcome with grief remembered his boy. >> daniel was born to be a racer and yesterday left us doing what he loved to do. he was a true champion and a gentleman on and off the track. >> reporter: why?
11:58 pm
is this simply a part of racing, the price of reaching for such extremes. >> as much as people look at this sometimes and think that this is a very dangerous sport, we are much about passion about driving and excelling and i'm getting a natural high of going fast and that's why we do it. >> reporter: but several of the drivers in the race said they were worried something terrible might happen. >> they said before we test, have you driven a stock car here before? it's not a suitable track. we've seen it today. there's no way to differentiate yourself, a car driver, you're just stuck there. >> reporter: there were 34 cars racing that mile and a half oval in las vegas. 34 cars hitting speeds of 220 miles per hour. >> that was the first time they had had that many car, many of those cars were driven by drivers that had a very limited experience. i think that added another element to create this perfect storm. >> reporter: and the track itself might have been a problem. used mostly for nascar racing, much shorter than the 2 1/2-mile
11:59 pm
oval in indianapolis and banked, graded and paved for pure speed. and all this comes at a time when indy car race something facing a crisis, television ratings have plummeted. stands are half full at races. nascar has stolen the fans away. danica patrick, the star of the sport and its biggest draw is leaving next year to race the nascar circuit. >> think i'm getting old. i'm been through too many of these. you ask if we could choose a way to go, that's the way. >> reporter: dan wheldon was certainly doing what he loved to do. but for so many in the sport he loved, the question remains unanswered, unanswerable. why? well, dan wheldon was 33. a program note tomorrow night on "nightline" abc's jake tapper will bring us an exclusive evening with president barack obama. join us for that thanks for watching abc news.


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